Project Details

Site map of Fair Oakds Bridge and its surrounding roadsFair Oakds Bridge Project Area Map

Located between Kifer Road and Evelyn Avenue, the bridge crosses over Caltrain tracks and Hendy Avenue. The bridge was built in 1967, retrofitted in 1981 and 1993, and had undergone several improvements over the years. This project addressed the following:

  • Severe bridge deck cracking/spalling
  • Inadequate bike lane width
  • Nonexistent pedestrian access and sidewalks on bridge
  • Structural deficiencies with Sufficiency Rating of 47.7 out of 100
  • Existing separate pedestrian overcrossing across Caltrain tracks being non-compliant with American Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements

Project design began in 2012. California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Council certified the Environmental Impact Report in March 2015. Right of Way studies and temporary easements negotiations were completed in March 2019. Design and Construction Documents were completed in 2019 and Caltrans issued authorization for construction in August 2019. Construction was advertised and bids were opened on November 2019. After a short delay to attain additional funds, construction commenced on June 1, 2020, and it was substantially completed in September 2022. The project is currently in Plant Establishment period until late March 2023. Total construction cost is anticipated to be approximately $20M.

Completed Construction activities encompassed:

  • Bridge widening along the east side
  • New sidewalk on east side of the bridge
  • New widened bike lanes on both sides of the bridge
  • Removal of existing pedestrian overcrossing
  • Hendy Avenue realignment and improvement
  • Fairoaks Avenue/Kifer Road and Fairoaks Avenue/Evelyn Avenue intersection improvements
  • Water and sewer main replacements
  • Landscaping/guardrails/streetlights installation

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