What is the purpose of this project?

The City of Sunnyvale (City) is rehabilitating the Fair Oaks Bridge by widening the bridge deck to bring roadway and shoulder widths up to current design standards and improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities. The rehabilitated bridge will retain a total of four travel lanes for cars but will be widened to allow for the addition of a standard-sized sidewalk and wider-than-existing bicycle lanes.

In addition, the project includes improvements at the intersections where the bridge touches down at Kifer Rd and at Evelyn Ave. The project may also include enhancements to Hendy Ave that will improve mobility under the bridge.

Why was this project proposed?

Spanning the Caltrain tracks and East Hendy Ave, the Fair Oaks Bridge was constructed in 1967 to accommodate vehicular traffic on Fair Oaks Ave. The bridge is regularly inspected by Caltrans and maintained by the City of Sunnyvale.

The structure was listed on the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Eligible Bridge List (EBL) for rehabilitation work and funding. Significant maintenance and repair would eventually be needed if the bridge had remained in service without rehabilitation. The project will widen the bridge deck to bring roadway and shoulder widths up to current design standards and improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities. The project will enhance bridge safety and accessibility and bring the bridge up to current design standards.

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Who worked on this project and what were their roles?

The City of Sunnyvale is the project sponsor and lead agency for purposes of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Because the City is receiving federal funding for the project, it was subject to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Working together, the City and Caltrans prepared a single, joint environmental document intended to satisfy both CEQA and NEPA requirements.

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How was this project funded?

Current funding for the project is $29.8 million. Approximately 88.5 percent of these funds are through the Highway Bridge Program (HBP) with the remaining 11.5 percent to come from local City funds once the project is approved. Project funding includes $2.9 million for preliminary engineering, $3.3 million for right-of-way work, and $23.6 million for construction.

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What types of impacts to the surrounding area were considered?

Several technical studies were conducted to examine such issues as air quality, noise, visual, hydrology/water quality, geotechnical, and natural resource impacts. In addition, issues such as community character, growth, and land use impacts were reviewed.

The 45-day public review period concluded on November 12, 2014. The Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) described the project and its environmental setting and identified potential direct, indirect, and cumulative environmental impacts related to construction and long-term use of the site as a bridge.

The DEIR identified no significant unavoidable impacts of the project, and the Notice of Determination (NOD) was filed on March 23, 2015.

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What other infrastructure projects have been completed in the area?

The Hendy Street Improvements Project to reconstruct Hendy Ave from Sunnyvale Ave to the Fair Oaks Ave Bridge has been completed.

A project to place the overhead utilities along Fair Oaks Ave, between Evelyn Ave and El Camino Real underground has been completed.

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Is the Fair Oaks Bridge still open during construction?

Yes. Although temporary lane reductions will be a periodic necessity, the City is keeping portions of the bridge operational throughout bridge construction.

Is the Fair Oaks Pedestrian Overcrossing still open during construction?

Pedestrian overcrossing traffic will be temporarily detoured on the bridge during construction with safe pathways prior to the permanent new sidewalk on the East side of the bridge.

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Where can I go for more information?

Call the City of Sunnyvale Project Administration Answer Point at
(408) 730-7605, or sign up here to be added to the project mailing list.

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